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Centauro Comunicaciones was created in Colombia for more than 35 years, by the renowned film director Gustavo Nieto Roa. It is a family business that specializes over the years in dubbing in neutral Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and American English.

The first name of Centauro was "Producciones Mundo Moderno" (Modern World Productions), the name "Centauro" was the result of a contest and represents a mythological figure that unites the strength of a horse with the intelligence and wit of a man.

Currently, Centauro is a full service organization and offers services that cover audiovisual productions and web development, we work in the film, television, VOD, videogames platforms, business communication and advertising, providing high quality services in one place!



The mission of the Centauro Comunicaciones Group is through existing audiovisual media such as: cinema, television, radio, internet and print media, transmit culture, education, entertainment, fun and motivation to all those around the world come into contact with our productions , listen to us and see us.



A group of companies formed by excellent people who share their imagination, discipline and dedication to create ideas, projects and achievements, which will contribute to a better world for all.



  • Honesty
  • Equity
  • Dedication
  • Effort
  • Subject
  • Consecration
  • Excellence


All our dubbing processes undergo triple verification, which guarantees a quality service and successful productions. Our directors make the right choice for each production, renowned professionals in the entertainment market. We offer courses and constant training for the development of new talents.

  • Own studios located in the main dubbing poles.
  • In-house translation department.
  • Several quality control checkpoints.
  • Monitoring of the process in real time, through the ERP itself.
  • Professionalism and commitment to excellence in all jobs.


in the world

São Paulo/Brasil

Av. Francisco Matarazzo, Nº 999, Barra Funda.

+55 11 2227-2527


6355 NW 36th Street Suite 304 FL 33166.

+1 305-436-1159


Calle 31 No. 17-13

+57 601-748-2208

Cidade do México/México

Barcelona 11, Colonia Juarez

Cidade do México

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